About Christian Espinosa & His Views on Cybersecurity-

About Christian Espinosa & His Views on Cybersecurity-


Many people all around the world have heard the name of Christian Espinosa. Some of them might not even have heard of his name. He is the CEO and founder of Alpine Security. Christian is also known to be a high-performance coach who is certified, and he is also a professor. Besides all of these, he also loves heavy metal music and enjoys spicy food. Many people also do not know that he is an Ironman triathlete and an Air Force veteran. Christian Espinosa used to be valued as the “smartest guy in the room.” Later, he realised that his greatest contribution to controlling and fighting against cybercrime was his ability to create awareness about issues concerning cybercrime through efficacious communication.

The Author of the Book Smartest Person-

He is also known as one of the best cybersecurity leaders. In the secure methodology, he is a speaker, trainer, and coach, in which he helps the smart people in the room be the best leaders in their work field. Christian Espinosa has also written many books. The Smartest Person in the Room author is Christian Espinosa. The complete title of the book is, The Smartest Person in the Room: The Root Cause and New Solution for Cybersecurity. The publishing was done by Lioncrest and it was published on January 22, 2021. Besides all of that, he is also an opinion columnist for CEOWORLD magazine. If you want, you can even follow Christian Espinosa on LinkedIn.

Views of Christian Espinosa

Christian Espinosa also provides emotional intelligence training. According to Christian, the world is losing a cybersecurity war, and AI cannot assist. Besides that, Christian also feels that we are losing the cybersecurity war and that this is not happening because of our equipment, which is not hi-tech enough. The actual reason is both simple and difficult to solve, i.e., the technical employees are there who lack the leadership skills and people skills that are needed for effective communication. According to him, a cybersecurity keynote speaker, technical teams are lacking the confidence within to innovate outside.

Use of IoMT-

Besides that, also as per him, the cybersecurity entrepreneur, several healthcare and hospitals are globally and increasing using the web enabled medical equipment and devices to improve the patient care. These technologies combined with the IoMT i.e., internet of medical things offer doctors immense benefits by diagnosing ailments fast, and others which brings cost savings for patients and hospitals. Today with the inception of IoMT the doors for wearable technologies has opened like wound dressing, which gives painkillers to the patients and it has also assisted in developing and providing ingestible sensors to track the patients when they take medications, glucose monitoring contact lenses and so on.

Drawbacks of IoMT –

So, with all these technologies, one of the drawbacks that the IoMT has it that it makes the hospital equipment and people critical and vulnerable to cyberattacks and hacking. As per the Cisco, at present the hospital rooms possess up to 20 connected devices and when these devices are not properly secured the attackers can have 20 separate digital gateways to enter into these medical environments. So, cybersecurity should be a priority for all the healthcare and medical organizations.