Have You Heard This? Interesting Engineering Podcasts

Have You Heard This? Interesting Engineering Podcasts

In the ever-evolving landscape of engineering, staying abreast of the latest technologies, methodologies, and best practices is essential for professional growth. While traditional resources like textbooks and technical papers have long been the mainstay for engineers, the rise of podcasts has provided a convenient and enjoyable alternative.

Here, we explore five captivating engineering podcasts that offer a diverse range of insights and expertise, catering to engineers across various disciplines.

If you’re an engineer looking to discover some fresh, fascinating shows to take your skills up a notch, here are five interesting engineering podcasts to plug into:

  1. The Engineering Commons – “The Engineering Commons” stands out as a comprehensive podcast, spanning diverse engineering fields such as aerospace, software, and mechanical engineering. Through one-on-one expert interviews and panel discussions, the podcast delves into new technologies and processes. Recent episodes have covered topics ranging from robotics in agriculture to the ethical implications of artificial intelligence, providing listeners with in-depth insights into innovations and their broader societal impacts.
  1. The Amp Hour – For electrical engineers and electronics enthusiasts, “The Amp Hour” is a must-listen podcast. The show offers in-depth breakdowns of circuits, chips, tools, and design techniques. Hosts engage in approachable banter as they dissect everything from power management ICs and oscilloscope probes to batteries and USB type C connections. The Amp Hour provides a valuable resource for those looking to deepen their understanding of electrical engineering concepts and applications..
  1. The Expert Witness Podcast – Hosted by professional mechanical engineer David Smith, who also works as an expert witness for court trials, this podcast provides rare insights into investigating mechanical systems failures and accidents from the perspective of a mechanical engineer trial witness. By covering case studies ranging from construction equipment defects to industrial plant explosions, Smith outlines methodologies for accident analysis and prevention rooted in real-world forensics experience applicable to mechanical engineers who may serve as trial witnesses.
  1. DataFramed – “DataFramed” caters to software engineers and data scientists, exploring the latest machine learning techniques and data analysis best practices. The hosts break down complex topics such as regularization methods and ReactJS visualizations into simple terms, making the content accessible to a broad audience. For engineers looking to navigate the evolving landscape of data science, DataFramed provides valuable insights and practical knowledge.
  1. Acquisition Talk – Tailored directly for engineers working in government and public sector jobs, Acquisition Talk analyzes technology procurement, implementation challenges in government institutions, policy changes, and career growth strategies. Recent episodes provide in-depth explanations of intellectual property contracts, small business research grants, cybersecurity compliance requirements, and case studies of successful and failed technology implementation projects across various government agencies.

By examining policies, funding mechanisms, and projects across the public sector, the podcast offers invaluable insights for engineers in governmental roles..

While some engineers may still prefer flipping through traditional textbooks and journals, podcasts now make staying updated on engineering knowledge far more engaging and convenient. Whether learning about cutting-edge research and technologies or troubleshooting nagging issues, these engineering podcasts deliver valuable insights direct from the industry’s leading thinkers and practitioners.

For focused mechanical engineering content with a forensic lens, The Expert Witness Podcast offers an insider’s view into equipment failure prevention and analysis.