The Best Software to Convert PDF to Word: iTop PDF

The Best Software to Convert PDF to Word: iTop PDF


Many times, it happens that there are several different kinds of PDF documents that need to be converted into Word; also, in some offices, there are different kinds of printers, in which case it becomes important that you first convert the documents and then only you can take a print of the same. So, due to many such hassles, it becomes difficult to convert a PDF or a Word document. Many times, work requires that we convert PDF mails into Word and then, save it or print it and so on. Several tools are available, but they are complex and also paid tools or software. Due to this, many people face difficulty as they cannot find an easy tool for working on the documents. But now you can easily convert any PDF to Word and Word to PDF with the help of iTop PDF.

Select iTop PDF

The best thing that you will know about the iTop PDF is that it is a free software tool, you can easily and quickly convert Word documents to PDFs and PDFs to Word documents. It is one of the quickest methods for doing the same. Whether you have your cards, emails, or problem solutions in PDF or have downloaded them in PDF form, now you can easily convert them into others formats like word, excel, jpg.

Converting a PDF to Word

Converting all your PDF documents into Word has become very easy. All that you have to do is go to iTop’s official website to download and install iTop PDF.

After installing the program, run the program. On the start page, click Open PDF to open and view the PDF file you need to convert. Then click the Convert button on the top toolbar, and you will see all formats that support conversion, including word, picture, excel, text, PDA, and the option to convert files in the above formats into PDF format. Select To Word, and a new window will appear, where you can customize the save folder, and click the Convert button to convertir PDF a Word. The conversion is very fast, usually within seconds. After the conversion is finished, you can go to the selected folder to view the files.

Free PDF Conversion Software

As you can see, iTop PDF supports format conversion between most common file types, including word, picture, excel, text, PDA, and the conversion process is free. iTop PDF is an all-round PDF management tool. In addition to the common PDF editing and conversion functions, it also has many other functions: quickly split and merge PDF files, compress PDF files to smaller sizes, encrypt with passwords and watermarks PDF files, automatic form recognition and form filling. If you don’t want to download software to convert PDF to Word, his online PDF to Word tool is your best choice.


The interface of iTop PDF is simple, it contains all PDF editing tools, and these tools are easy to use. If you need to deal with PDF files, then iTop PDF is your best assistant.