The Black Phone (2022) thought after watching the film

The Black Phone (2022) thought after watching the film

The black phone (2022) mainly tells about a kidnapped boy “locked in the basement covered with the blood of six other killed children”. There is an antique telephone in the basement, which has long been disconnected. But in the evening, it will ring the phone of the dead, and the kidnapped child will escape from heaven with the guidance of the dead soul. If you are interested, you can watch The Black Phone (2022) online free.

Introduction to The Black Phone’s Plot

Finney is a primary school student, but he is often bullied by his classmates. Although a more powerful classmate saved him, he did not encounter help every time he was bullied by his classmates. So Finney wanted to avoid those classmates, and his sister was a person who claimed to be psychic, so she was taught by her father. One day, Finney was kidnapped by a mysterious man wearing a clown mask. When he was kidnapped, a lot of black balloons were made in the van to hide his eyes and ears. Finney didn’t know what the clown was doing to kidnap him, nor where he was going. The clown like kidnapper stuffed him into a basement with no intention of killing him immediately.

He was desperate in the basement. Even if he shouted loudly, he couldn’t get any response. In the basement, there is a black phone in disrepair, hanging on the wall. Finney had a lot of hallucinations. Some of his classmates gave him dreams. In fact, those classmates were dead — kidnapped and tortured to death by kidnappers. What Finney didn’t know was that when he was kidnapped, the kidnappers had kidnapped and tortured six children to death. The dead classmate Finney saw in the illusion was the six children, and the six children took turns to advise Finney that he must escape. Finney’s sister sensed that her brother had been kidnapped, and that her brother had not returned home for a long time, so she called the police. The police searched many areas and there was no news of Finney. If you want to watch the full video for free, you can visit 4khotvideo.

The Black Phone (2022) Film Review

There are innovations in the film, which focuses on the plot of black phone. Although the plot is simple, it is stuffed with many elements, which makes people feel scary and gets emotional release. You can see, at least look at the creative ideas of writers and directors, which can grow a lot.